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cheer up
Daily life 1

Cheer up, baby

This is the title of a K-pop song which, apart from the soundtrack to “Descendants of the sun”, is playing EVERYWHERE in Seoul this summer. It’s annoyingly catchy, although it […]

Hanja 3

Korean unlocked

To many foreigners, learning Korean vocabulary may be an overwhelming task. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. As most Korean learners know, the majority of all […]

Daily life 4


I much too often underestimate the power of silence. We live in a world where we’re under constant attack from breaking news, social network notifications, text messages, and emails. In fact, […]

Kiwi in Korea

Living, working and travelling in the ROK.

girl who cried korean

learn, love, repeat

Travel by Lists

no life stories, just lists.

Casterra Ya

Learning Korean On Ice

The Waygookin Way

Life in Korean American culture through the eyes of a foreigner. #외국인

638 Days.

A diary

Hanhan Jabji

Learning Korean together


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