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Inspiration 4

Believe in yourself

I recently started tutoring a Korean woman who wants to improve her English conversation skills. She understands almost everything and her writing is good, but she lacks speaking confidence and […]

Books 2

Open your books

I once had a brilliant lecturer who told us that “you don’t get smart from just leaving the books on your shelf – you have to actually read them”. Wise […]

Daily life 0

Visiting home

I’m sure that all my readers know that I absolutely love living in Seoul. However, for all expatriates, no matter how intoxicatingly sweet you may find the drink, there will […]

Seoul Secrets

Be Marie Korea

All About Korea 101

Come here to learn about Kpop, Kdramas, and more!

Expat Life in Korea

We're not in Kansas anymore!

My Korean Husband

Intercultural Life

North Korea – The Peninsula

Pieces of a Danish girl's daily life in Korea

Kpop Girl in Korea

Pieces of a Danish girl's daily life in Korea


Analysing my favourite K dramas


Trying to live life fully awake.