As I wrote about recently, I took the JLPT N4 test in Copenhagen in early December. Unlike with the TOPIK, there is no official date for the results announcement but at the exam, we were told that we could expect to get the results by early February. It turns out they did the grading a bit faster because the results were made available online on Monday, January 24.

Obviously, I was eager to check my score. I was certain that I would pass but I was unsure about my listening score since I didn’t feel so confident about that part. So, with an elevated heart rate, I ventured on to the official JLPT site with my exam registration number in hand only to find out that I had absolutely no idea what my 8-digit passcode was. In fact, I couldn’t even remember having chosen one at all. Oh, how embarrassing. I then had to send an email to the institution where I took the exam and wait an excruciating 24 hours before they kindly sent me the code and I was able to log in.

Here’s how it went:

Really can’t complain about this 😉

I was thrilled to see my perfect score in the grammar/reading section and pleasantly surprised at my listening score since the listening part of the test felt way harder than the preparations tests I had been working through. Now I obviously need to aim for the N3 in December – I mean what choice do I have?

While the N4 test is not really necessary for any purpose I still find it worthwhile. It’s a useful tool for assessing your progress and I am so happy that I decided to challenge myself to take it. In case you’re wondering, here’s the official assessment of the abilities of an N4 Japanese learner:

Now it’s time to start studying for the JLPT N3. While still reading lots of Korean books of course 😉

Happy lunar new year to those who are celebrating – may this year of the tiger be the best yet. If you don’t celebrate the lunar new year, then happy end of January!


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