Happy New Year everyone. It’s officially 2022 – or as Stephen Colbert called it – the third straight year of 2020.

Anyway, as always I like to create a list of goals and intentions for the new year while keeping in mind that sometimes life happens, and deviating from the goals or even setting new ones is okay too. Here’s my tentative list of goals for 2022.

  • Read at least one Korean book every month (I’m currently reading 할 말은 합니다 by the awesome Korean youtuber 희렌최널)
  • Reach a level of N3 in Japanese by finishing at least the first of the Quartet textbooks
  • Try not to stress myself by signing up for language tests like TOPIK or JLPT (although December is far away and I might cave and do the N3 anyway – we’ll see)
  • Practice handwriting Chinese characters every week
  • Have weekly italki lessons in Japanese and at least one lesson a month in Korean
  • Increase my Korean reading speed
  • Continue healthful and wholesome eating
  • Explore new recipes every month
  • Take active steps to continuosly improve my mental well-being
  • Help others whenever I can

Obviously, visiting Korea this year is also an important goal but I’ve left it out for now as that is beyond my control.

Do you have any interesting goals or resolutions for 2022?

여러분, 새해 복 많이 받으세요!



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