With Korean cherry blossoms taking up most of my Instagram feed these days, the view from my own window seems even more depressing in comparison. For the past week the weather has been extremely windy and today a generous amount of snow was added into this ever-changing cocktail that is Danish April weather. I can’t say I care too much for this month to be honest. Pollen allergy aside, the unpredictable and moody weather presents an almost hostile environment whenever I venture outside. And when the sun decides to burn through the heavy clouds, its rays are so bright and raw – unshielded by the leaves that won’t appear for another few weeks – that it seems almost intent on blinding anyone daring to glance in its direction.

Perhaps I’m just missing springtime in Korea. Where spring meant millions of blossoming plum and cherry flowers in explosions of purple, pink and white, pleasant temperatures perfect for denim jackets, and soft rays of afternoon sun that felt like soft kisses on your cheeks. Spring in Korea meant picnics in the Han River park, coffee dates in cute cafes, warm evening strolls along narrow alleyways illuminated by hundreds of neon signs, and dreams of an endless summer waiting around the corner. Oh, how I long to go back!

When spring was spring! Photo credits: Geonha Lee

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