Working as a Korean teacher, I’m constantly looking to improve not only my own Korean skills but also to expand my knowledge of methods for effectively teaching Korean to others. For the past few weeks I have spent my italki lessons, talking with my teacher about how to improve. I’m currently reading a really cool book on teaching Korean called 한국어 교수법의 실제, which explains in detail how to teach grammar and vocabulary to a varied group of students. I’m about one third into it, and enjoy it but I’m longing to do a real teachers’ training course in Korea. Until that becomes possible, however, I’ve discovered that there are other ways to keep educating myself.

Last week my italki teacher sent me a link to free course videos on almost any subject including Korean linguistics, pronunciation and teaching theory. I’ve watched a few videos and they’re really helpful. The lectures are given by professors from Korea’s top universities and they’re completely free to watch. Here’s the link if any of you are interested.

I also recently started reading the novel called Korean Teacher, or in Hangeul 코리안 티처, which tells the story of young teachers working at a language center teaching Korean to foreign students. I’m about halfway through and greatly enjoy it. Perhaps I’ll even do another blog post reviewing it.

Korean teacher by Seo Sujin

As you can see from the top photo, the weather is slowly starting to feel warmer and more like spring. Perfect for a reading session out on my deck. Happy Sunday and happy studying!

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