As I wrote here on my blog, I took the JLPT N3 in December after studying for it for the past year. I had passed the N4 level quite convincingly in January 2022 and definitely felt up for the challenge. I felt pretty good about the test when I left the room and I continued to feel confident over the next several weeks while I waited for the results to be published online. I had a really good feeling about the vocab section and the reading section since I managed to read most of the reading questions twice, and while I knew I probably missed the mark on some of the listening questions, I was sure I would pass… And I did!

I really can’t complain about much here. Now it’s full steam ahead for the N2 in December. I’m studying with the Quartet 2 upper intermediate textbook and trying to expose myself to Japanese through YouTube. I’m currently watching Miku Real Japanese and Onomappu. As we get closer to the exam date I plan to once again study with the Korean JLPT Hackers series as well as the Nihongo Somatome books.

Though it may sound like Japanese is taking up all my time, I’m still spending lots of time on Korean. In January alone I’ve read three novels: 불편한 편의점, 일의 기쁨과 슬픔, and 한국이 싫어서. I’m trying really hard to improve my reading speed while increasing my vocabulary. Reading is the best strategy for these goals and I enjoy immersing myself in Korean literature.

The new semester starts tomorrow and I’ll be back to teaching economics at uni and Korean at the night school. Look forward to meeting old and new students again, and to going back to Korea at the beginning of March. But more on that later 🙂

Have a lovely week everyone!

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