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Motivation 2

My Korean week

So…. Easter break is officially over, and I’m back at work (currently spending my coffee break writing this post feeling that I deserve a break given that I was teaching […]

Kpop 5

Say it twice

In my attempt to read Anne of Green Gables in Korean I’ve suddenly become exposed to words, I have never encountered before when reading textbooks or any of TTMIK’s excellent […]

Cherry Mai Royal

Follow my adventures teaching and living in South Korea


Exploring Korea

Canadian in Korea

Looking for... myself

All About Korea 101

Come here to learn about Kpop, Kdramas, and more!

Expat Life in Korea

We're not in Kansas anymore!

My Korean Husband

Intercultural Life

North Korea – The Peninsula

Pieces of a Danish girl's daily life in Korea

Kpop Girl in Korea

Pieces of a Danish girl's daily life in Korea