There are so many wonderful destinations that you can reach from Seoul without having to do an overnight stay. A few weeks ago I visited Nami Island, and most recently I rode the Gyeongui Jungang line to Yangsu station. Yangsu, or 양수 in Korean, means two waters and that’s exactly what awaits you at Yangsu station. Yangsu is the place in the eastern part of Gyeonggi-do where the northern and southern Han rivers meet.

Located only around and hour and a half from central Seoul, Yangsu is easily reached by public transportation. I’m often amazed that it doesn’t take longer to reach beautiful nature from what sometimes seems to be the never ending city.

From Yangsu station it’s only around a 30 minute walk to dumulmeori (두물머리), which is where the north and the south Han rivers flow together. The view is absolutely stunning and there are several fun photo zones. It’s also possible to rent bikes and ride around the area but I preferred to walk around and take in the scenery at my own pace.

There was a beautiful pathway to dumulmeori from the station along the southern river and there were lotus flowers everywhere. I imagine that it would be especially pretty if you visit during the high season for lotus flowers but even in September it looked stunning. The surrounding mountains stretching as far as you can see make the perfect frame for the beautiful scenery.

The weather was perfect – 26 degrees, bright and sunny with a clear blue sky. There were definitely people there but it wasn’t crowded. I imagine that it would make for a perfect date spot for couples looking to take cute pictures together in beautiful surroundings. Since I was alone several people offered to take photos of me so I didn’t have rely only on selfies for memories of the day.

After walking around for a few hours I took the train back to Seoul. I love how doing something out of the ordinary can make the day seem much longer. I’ve been enjoying taking these small day trips over the summer and I’m planning on doing many more in the future.

On the bucket list are trips to Gunsan and Hahoe folk village in Andong. I also want to go back to Gapyeong and Hwaseong/Suwon again sometime. Please let me know in the comments if you have any cool suggestions for day trips out of Seoul!

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