You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I’m well aware that I wrote a semi-rant post in June when I was under a lot of temporary stress and really did not feel all that well in Seoul. But as you also know, things definitely turned around and my last months in Seoul were unforgettable in so many ways that I cannot even begin to list them here. Long story short, I’m in Denmark (for now at least) and I’m missing Seoul like crazy. I even miss the things I thought I wouldn’t. Let’s list them here, shall we?

  • I miss my amazing students every day (very expected)
  • I miss teaching (surprised I already miss it but expected)
  • I miss the convenient and affordable public transport and the clean streets (expected)
  • I miss having a 24-hour convenience store on the ground floor of my building (who wouldn’t?)
  • I miss Korean food (well, duh!)
  • I miss my Korean friends (I’m sure they all know that)
  • I miss speaking Korean every day (still kinda do though, but not as much)
  • I miss the smell of Seoul (not really expected)
  • I miss the Korean heat (totally unexpected but true)
  • I miss being able to walk anywhere in central Seoul within 30 minutes (totally expected)
  • I miss my cute Seoul cafes (very expected)
  • I miss the big city vibe (expected)
  • I miss the chatty taxi drivers (very unexpected)
  • I miss the kind verbal abuse by the owner of my go-to lunch restaurant (kind of expected)
  • I miss my Korean gym (very unexpected, I thought I’d like exercising outdoors but forgot how windy Denmark is)
  • I miss Kpop blasting out from every store (and compensate by blasting it out of my phone whereever I go)
  • I miss browsing all the cute fashion and makeup shops (totally expected)

So far, I’ll be back in Seoul in about 4 weeks (who’s counting? I am!) for a brief trip and then again in December for a longer stay. Stay tuned!

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  1. Lots of things to miss isn’t it?
    I’ve been back in australia for a few days after 4 years in korea, and wondering what kinda thigs I’m gonna miss haha


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