I’m a week late, I know, but this first week of 2017 has just been extremely busy. Getting up early again every day definitely took some getting used to after the holidays, but now I’m back in shape! I’ve also spent the first week setting a few goals for myself. I’m not big on new year’s resolutions as I believe that you shouldn’t wait for a new year to come around before you change what you want to change. However, I DO believe that January 1st is an excellent day for reflecting on what you wish to accomplish in the year to come. Here’s my list:

  • Pass Sogang Korean level 6 (if all goes well this should be crossed off by June)
  • Take the TOPIK and score at least level 5 (secretly hoping for 6, though)
  • Travel around Korea (Specifically Seoraksan, Jeju and Kyeongju are on the bucket list)
  • Find overall purpose in life (this one is a leftover from last year, haha)

Anyway, I guess that if you can honestly say that you’re doing what makes you happy that should be purpose enough. Which brings me to another thing: Happiness. I’ve written about this topic before, and recently on one of my countless expeditions to Kyobo Bookstore I flipped through a book called “500 reasons to be happy”. The list included anything from finding a power outlet at the airport to the smell of freshly cooked bacon. This made me think that happiness is not necessarily a big thing that you can only achieve after a number of criteria or conditions are fulfilled. Rather, true happiness is the ability to find joy in the small things around you. Just this morning I felt refreshed by the scent of my bodywash, I enjoyed the taste of my coffee, I felt excited when I applied a new eyeshadow, and I felt happy when I realized that it wasn’t so cold outside that I could easily wear my cute pink coat. When I went to buy fruit in the afternoon I was happy when the kind store owner complimented my Korean and when his wife said I was pretty. I was also over the moon when I realized that a salad and juice bar had opened in the basement of Jongno Tower just four subway stops from my apartment. I just had my first taste of avocado in five months and it was divine.

These things may seem trivial, but after all, our daily lives are filled with countless of such trivial moments, and in finding joy in them, I believe we can find the key to true happiness. Happy New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요~!


  1. I also like reading your blog and look forward to reading it this year. I will (again I think) recommend visiting Andong, having Andong soju, seeing the mask dance, and the Wollyeongo Bridge at night.


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