With just one month till Christmas it seems that in literally a matter of 24 hours, winter came to Korea. Last weekend it was so warm that I could walk around outside in just a sweater and a pair of jeans. Then as of Tuesday it has been freezing. Maybe it doesn’t look quite like this pretty picture, but all the leaves have now fallen off the trees and everything looks bare. People have started to cover up in heavy coats and scarves and the room temperature control has definitely switched from cooling to heating. Everywhere in the subway shopping areas you can now buy fluffy plush comfy pants for about 5,000 Won. I love wearing them at home in the evening since they are just so soft and warm. I also had to buy a scarf to accomany my new winter coats (*cough* yes, plural *cough*). It seems like it’s only a moment ago that you could still have picnics outside. I must say that the seasons turn quickly in Korea. Even though it’s become insanely cold, I still prefer Korean winters to what I’m used to experiencing in Denmark. Not only is there much more sunlight during the day, the air is also more crisp and dry compared to the wet and windy (not to mention dark) Danish winters. The dry and cold air makes a good moisturizer absolutely necessary before venturing out into the winter streets of Seoul. The beauty about winter in Korea is that many kinds of Korean food seems just perfect for the cold weather. Nothing like a spicy soup or a barbecue with a glass of soju to warm you up from within.



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