This is the title of a K-pop song which, apart from the soundtrack to “Descendants of the sun”, is playing EVERYWHERE in Seoul this summer. It’s annoyingly catchy, although it can be debated if the girl group TWICE is really pronouncing the three-word English chorus correctly. This video is the epitome of Korean girly cuteness, a concept known as aegyo (애교), which supposedly should be a fairly powerful weapon against Korean guys. I’ve tested a few aegyo moves on my husband, and I’m ready to report that they were NOT well received, haha.

Anyway, since we can probably all use some cheering up once in a while, I present to you TWICE with “Cheer up” (English subtitles available). Just be warned, it’s not likely to get out of your brain anytime soon, so as always when I post K-pop videos, listen at own risk.



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