As we get closer to the day where I move to Korea, the planning intensifies. I’m in almost constant contact with my new Korean colleagues, the administrative staff at my Korean University, my Korean friends, and anyone else who’s kindly offering their help. When I checked my work email this morning I had six unread messages – all in Korean. They were inquiries from a potential coworker on a joint Danish-Korean research project, a reminder that my syllabus was due for upload, and more inquiries as to my exact arrival time in terms of moving into the apartment, etc. By 10 am this morning I had sent quite a few replies – in Korean. Even though all this would be possible without knowing the language I feel so tremendously more at ease knowing that I understand and am able to communicate relatively freely. I can’t wait to actually go there and see what living in Seoul will do for my Korean skills.

I’ve created an instagram account, where I plan to upload pictures from time to time. Feel free to follow along!

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