Regular readers of my blog will be no strangers to the name Song Seung Heon. He’s my ultimate bias when it comes to Korean celebrities, and I’m thrilled to be seeing him in the tv drama Saimdang later this year. In the meantime, his long awaited Chinese movie “The Third Way of Love” (제3의 사랑), in which he appears opposite his now girlfriend, Chinese actress Liu Yifei, is finally premiering in Korea today, a good 8 months after the movie opened in China. The movie is in Chinese, meaning that they have dubbed his smooth voice and added Korean subtitles. But aside from this it really looks interesting. Knowing that the main couple fell in love on set makes it extra special. I’ll be watching it at some point for sure!

Here’s the Korean trailer (trailer in Korean is 예고편):

And here Song Seung Heon talks about the movie in Korean.

Finally, a few pieces of eye candy from the movie to brighten up your Thursday! Enjoy!


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