This week I went to France for a couple of days to visit a good friend of mine. We are working together on a joint research project but always find the time for plenty of 여자들의 수다 “girl talk” during our breaks. On the day of my arrival my friend took me sightseeing around the city center of Nantes and showed me the beautiful Japanese garden. It was pretty cold but luckily the sun was shining and the cherry blossoms looked breathtaking.

Whenever I travel, I make a point of going to a Korean restaurant at least once since there are no Korean restaurants in my neighborhood. So, on the second day my friend and I had lunch at a Korean restaurant called “bibim-box”, which specializes in various types of bibimbap conviently packed in a lunch box ready for take away or for eating in. The Korean girls behind the counter first addressed me in French to which I replied in Korean (my high school French is simply far too rusty for me to ever dare say anything beyond “bonjour” and “merci”). They immediately started questioning me about how I had learned Korean and why. 혹시 한국 남자친구 있으세요? You wouldn’t happen to have a Korean boyfriend, now would you? Well, yes and no 🙂

We ended up chatting in Korean for a few minutes before and after I had ordered since we came quite early, and no other customers were waiting in line behind us. They were so sweet and eagerly complimented my conversation skills. I just love having such great experiences, and I feel so lucky that my Korean skills continue to give me so many wonderful encounters with amazing people.

On that note I’ll end this post with the song 최고의 행운 “Best luck” by EXO’s ever-awesome Chen. Enjoy~!

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