Today is April 14, also called Black Day or 블랙데이 in Korean. Those familiar with Korean popular culture will know that the 14th of every month is some kind of “couples day”. In the west, we are mostly familiar with Valentine’s day on February 14 but Koreans have taken it a step further by introducing all the following “holidays”:

January 14: Diary day

February 14: Valentine’s day (girls give their boyfriends gifts)

March 14: White day (guys return the favor)

April 14: Black day (singles mourn their solitude by eating black noodles)

May 14: Rose day (pretty self-explanatory)

June 14: Kiss day

July 14: Silver day

August 14: Green day (time for a good soju-buzz)

September 14:  Photo day

October 14: Wine day

November 14: Movie day **

December 14: Hug day

So what is it about this Black Day? On this day, all the single people who did not get to give or receive any presents for Valentine’s and White day get together with their equally single friends to eat black noodles or 짜장면 as they are called in Korean. This simple dish consists of thick spaghetti-like noodles with black bean, pork and radishes. While being one of the cheapest meals you can buy in Korea (around 4,000 won) it’s actually extremely tasty and easily one of my favorite foods. Happy Black Day everyone!


** November also has Pepero Day on November 11. On this day Korean people gift their friends and significant other with these sweet chocolate covered biscuit sticks.


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