Today is “video day” according to my schedule with my LP. This means that we each select a video, TEDtalk or 세바시, to watch together followed by a discussion on the topics covered in the video. To maximize our learning and retention of the newly acquired vocabulary we also write an essay on the topic for our meeting the next day.

For today, I’ve chosen this video:

I really like that this video allows you to turn on Korean subtitles, which makes understanding it infinitely easier. It also helps when looking up new words since you already know how they are spelled. If you need more convincing as to why Korean subtitles are the best thing since sliced bread, read here.

This talk is by a Korean UN employee (not Ban Ki Moon) and deals with the problems faced by the UN and the world, and how the Korean Peninsula is a part of the threat against world peace.

I really learned a lot from this video and sincerely hope that you guys will too. To get you started here’s a list of useful politics-related vocabulary appearing in the video:

한반도 Korean Peninsula

세계 평화 World peace

영토 Territory

신앙 Faith, belief

다루다 Deal with (a problem)

핵무기 Nuclear weapons

순조롭다 Smooth

강대국 ≠ 약소국 Powerful nation  ≠ Weak nation

극단주의 Extremistic

대두되다 Be on the rise

분배 Distribution/division

번영 Prosperity

지속가능한 개발 Sustainable development

침해되다 Be invaded

인권 Human rights

고문하다 Torture

사형 Death penalty

대량학살 Genocide

군사적인 대립 Military conflict

통치 Rule/reign

탄압 Suppression

정권 Governmental power

좌절 Failure

소외되다 Be marginalized

흐름 Flow

소망 Hope/wish

P.S. Today (11/11) is Pepero Day or 빼빼로데이 written in Korean. Since I’m unable to find these rather tasty chocolate covered biscuit sticks around here, I’m thinking about bringing a pack of twix to my language exchange this afternoon.

Peperos in different formats.
Peperos in various shapes and flavors.

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