This week I’ve been struggling with ridding myself of a nasty bout of the flu. My energy levels have been very low, and I haven’t been too keen on really studying Korean. I did manage to read a bit, but it seems my head gets very easily tired these days. I have therefore relied on two of my favorite tools for learning Korean, my phone for talking with my LP, and my iPad for watching Descendants of the sun. I know that only four episodes have been released so far, but for me that’s just an excuse to watch each episode at least three times. Did I really write three? Yes I did. Since I watch the drama without any subtitles I always like to watch every episode twice to make sure that I understand everything. Okay, so admittedly the third time is mainly because I think this show is so darn good that I never get tired of rewatching it.

As an added bonus, this kind of repetition is one of the best things you may do as a language learner. By watching the same content over and over again, you automatically end up memorizing a lot of new words and sentences, and you won’t forget them since you’ve learned them in a context. It’s the same as reading the same textbook passage several times, only much more fun and much more effective. In this case the beautiful scenery and soundtrack make this drama so much more enjoyable to say nothing of the main couple who are also very easy on the eyes. It hardly feels like studying!

I’ve been supplementing my drama learning with reading blogs and comments about each episode on Naver, and if what it says there is to be trusted it seems that a scary number of Korean girls are currently suffering from a severe Song Joong Ki induced heartache. Well, who can really blame them?

I’m not going to join their fangirling by sharing some of the comments here, but I am going to share a few pictures from the show. Enjoy! 단결!



  1. I actually thought the show hasn’t lived up to all the hype. Their portrayal of all things Arab is sadly so inaccurate that it’s ended up being more of a comedy of errors (and I’m not even Arab!). This drama is one of the rare few that was shot completely before airing but it looks like they didn’t waste any time doing any sort of research. 😦

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    • Really? I admit I don’t know too much about Arab culture to know, but I’m sure you’re right. It generally seems Korean drama productions are alright with just scratching the surface of other cultures.

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      • It’s just sad considering the number of Korean events that are held in Abu Dhabi where said “President” is from. Even KCON this year is hosted in Abu Dhabi.

        I guess this is what Koreans who watched Lost felt like after hearing Jin speak Korean 😂😂

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