Today is D-day as far as the new KBS drama “Descendants of the sun” or 태양의 후예 is concerned. The long awaited drama features Korean actress Song Hye Kyo and the four years younger actor Song Joong Ki as the main couple. Their characters meet while they are both stationed in a war torn country. She plays a doctor working for doctors without borders, while he portrays a commanding officer from the UN peacekeeping troops.

I’ve loved Song Hye Kyo ever since I first saw her in “Autumn in my heart” playing opposite Song Seung Heon and Won Bin. In fact, she’s the reason that I ever decided to give Laneige cosmetics a try! I mean, of all the gorgeous Korean actresses out there, she’s probably the one with the smoothest complexion. Now she’s forming a different Song-Song couple with Song Joong Ki, who’s appearing in his first drama since he was discharged from the Korean military last spring. I imagine that transitioning into this military role must have felt rather effortless for someone right out of the army. In any case he looks rather convincing (and handsome) in the countless teasers that have been released for this drama.

I’ve already fallen in love with the pre-released soundtrack. The video also contains stunning scenes displaying hot chemistry between the two lead characters. I personally can’t wait to watch the first episode! If you haven’t heard of the drama, you can watch the soundtrack teaser here below.




  1. This is the first time I have a really different opinion from you haha. I watched and personally didn’t like Autumn in My Heart much. It made me into a 문근영 fan, however, I didn’t really like the show after the time skip lol.

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