After having seen “My love from the star”/별에서 온 그대 more times than I care to count, I finally thought that it was time to start watching something else. A couple of weeks ago I started watching “Secret love affair”/ 밀회 but had to give up half-way because the plot was just too… well, weird. I really liked Yoo Ah In’s acting, and the drama may be worth watching just for him, but still.

I then went back to the holy grail of Korean dramas,,  and searched for possible dramas to watch – preferably with Korean subtitles, because this is seriously one of THE best ways to learn a language while feeling entertained at the same time. I stumbled across “Kill me, heal me” with the cute Korean title 킬미 힐미. So far I’ve watched 5 episodes, and while this drama is certainly a challenge when I’m relying only on Korean, it’s charming in its own way and definitely worth watching.

Instead of writing a long review, I’ll include this awesome video where three of the TTMIK teachers share their opinions about the drama and its characters. It’s worth mentioning that the main actor portrays no less than 7 different characters. What?! Yes, he plays a person with severe skizophrenia triggered by some childhood trauma. He then very conveniently runs into a pretty girl who just happens to be a psychiatrist. If previous stays in Dramaland hasn’t taught us this alreday: Seoul is very small, and unbelievable coincidences happen every hour! I guess these two rules are the key axioms of K-drama making!

In this review they talk a lot about the soundtrack and I agree that the soundtrack is probably one of the best features of this drama. It’s extremely addictive so be careful when you listen to it.

The song is called 환청 meaning hallucination. Enjoy!



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