Today I’ll introduce you to a neat little Korean word, which recently came up in conversation with my LP. Drumroll….. 체질! 체질 means something along the lines of “physical composition”, and you can use this versatile word for providing reasons for personal behavior in a variety of situations:

  1. For not drinking: 나는 술을 잘 안 먹는 체질이다 (I’m not really the drinking type)
  2. For not eating meat: 나는 고기를 많이 안 먹는 체질이다 (I don’t really eat meat)
  3. For always wearing warm clothes:  몸이 찬 체질이다 (I’m always kinda cold)

Grammar note: Remember that 체질 is always used together with verb + 는 or adjective + ㄴ/ 은. Just like with the grammar point 편이다.

I started my Monday morning before 6 a.m. re-watching an episode of 별에서 온 그대. On such dark winter mornings I find it a real struggle to get out of bed, but yesterday before going to sleep I programmed my alarm to display “일어나! 드라마 보는 시간이야!” when it went off. It worked.

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