I just learned that TTMIK will be cancelling their subscription service to News in Korean soon. The service has been running for a full year, and I have been a subscriber since March. All people with a subscription will get a $30 coupon for My Korean Store + free access to the brand new News in Korean video course, or a full refund of the remainder depending on the customer’s preference. While I completely understand the decision to stop making these articles I will be sad to say goodbye to such an excellent learning resource.

In stead TTMIK will now publish a book with 50 articles and full notes and they will also be launching a video course in the same style of their Story Time lessons which will be available for $29.99. I will most certainly buy the book as soon as it will be released by the end of October. Since I have all of my articles electronically it will be nice to have at least some of them in hard copy. I will make sure to read in this book once in a while since the specialized vocabulary presented in these lessons is something quite easily forgotten if not reviewed frequently.

To make sure I will not get out of the habit of reading news content in Korean before this book arrives, I arranged with my LP that once a week we each have to read an article in English/Korean, summarize it to each other and then have a discussion based on the content. First in English, then in Korean. On top of the other activities we have planned this requires a total of 3 meetings per week, which he was just as excited about as me. I’m so happy that we are equally matched in terms of language learning zeal!

This week our meeting schedule looks like this:

Tuesday (yesterday): 2 hours of bilingual talks in English (him) and Korean (me) about social life and the role of health in Korea vs. here.

Thursday: 1 hour where we correct each other’s essays on the topic “How I see myself in 10 years”.

Friday: 2 hours where we spend the first hour talking about an English news article entirely in English followed by one hour of discussing a Korean news article entirely in Korean.

This Friday will be the first news article session. I’ll be sure to write an update to let you all know how goes.

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