This weekend has presented me with quite a few pleasant surprises. Friday night I received a text from a friend telling me that Saturday would be Korea day in our city. That meant a day full of Korean entertainment and (of course) Korean street food. Needless to say I dragged my hubby along for the Korean festivities and wound up watching an impressive Korean B-boy performance while munching on the most delicious 호떡. Bonus: I got a discount for ordering in Korean, and the guy behind the counter even said “Could you say that again while I record you with my phone?”. Obviously I happily volunteered.

Back home I decided it was time for some serious drama watching so I embarked on episode 8 of Yong Pal, which just keeps getting better as more and more secrets are unveiled. Upon finishing I saw that the first episode of “Twenty again” (두번째 스무살) with K-drama’s grand (I’m not going to write “old”) lady, Choi Ji Woo had been uploaded! Although not as much as Kim Tae Hee I really adore Choi Ji Woo. She’s just so good, and in this drama she unfolds a previously unseen comic talent as the meek housewife who married way to young, gave up everything for her husband and son, and now approaching 40 realizes that she wants to go back to school. The catch? Her two professors are: A) her first love portrayed by Lee Sang Yoon and B) her husband’s secret love, who ironically teaches “Marriage and family 101”. Did I mention that her husband, who is actually in the process of divorcing her, is also a professor at her uni of choice and that her spoiled brat of a son just got enrolled as a freshman? Let the shenanigans begin!

I’ve watched the first two episodes and while I’m usually more on the melo-side of the K-drama spectrum I must admit that I’m already head over heels in love with this drama. Have any of you guys watched it? What did you think of it? Do share!


  1. Okay.. I thought I had run out of dramas to watch. I have to check this out now. This is like a whole new level of complicated story line ^^


  2. Oh man glorious Korean Street Food!!! I miss it so much, yum. haha
    Ooohh sammeeee, I’m also watching Yong Pal right now and it’s so good! I’ve heard the ratings dropped ever since Kim Tae Hee has been appearing more, does everyone hate her or something. I do find her acting I little awkward but the story line is more than interesting enough for me to continue. Hehe. I’m also thinking of starting Twenty sometime soon 🙂


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