Yesterday, I met my language partner for a very interesting session about political systems. In three weeks we’ll have an election to the parliament, so the topic was motivated by all the political campaigns in the Danish media and all the mug shots of politicians and their slogans currently hanging from every lamp post in the country. This discussion brought around some interesting vocabulary. I already knew some election-related words from this online resource but I learned a lot more yesterday. Here’s an excerpt: 가로등: lamp post, 임기: election period,  재임 reelection, 좌파 left-wing, 우파 right-wing, 보수적인 conservative, 여당 ruling party,  야당 opposition party, 유권자 voter, 투표권 voting right. Interesting indeed.

I’m afraid my LP thinks I get all my vocab from K-dramas and music because during our conversation she used the word 딱히 and asked me if I knew it. I said I did since it appears in IU’s song 금요일에 만나요:

딱히 보고 싶은 영화는 없지만
딱히 먹고 싶은 메뉴는 없지만…

Then we went on to talking about political parties and their differences coming across words as 개혁 (reform) and 혁신 (innovation), and my LP noted that she thought that 혁 had a very masculine note to it. Me: “Oh, like the actor 장혁” which caused my LP to burst into laughter. ^^

After a very productive meeting I went home to watch the final episode of 여름향기! I’m seriously proud that I made it last three entire weeks. Now I’ll spend the weekend studying Korean and figuring out what to watch next, so that I may quickly recover from my drama withdrawal symptoms. Happy weekend to all of you!~~

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