While the rest of the world celebrates Pi Day today (3.14), Korean people celebrate White Day. This is a time for the Korean men to reciprocate for the gifts given to them by their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day exactly one month ago. Usually, Korean men present their girlfriends with candy or chocolate gifts on this day but flowers are also very common. So, if you see Korean actors/singers having some special giveaway today you know the reason.

I almost participated in 송승헌’s facebook competition where I could win a mobile calendar wallpaper with… wait for it…. 송승헌if I provided information about my favorite candy (chocolate, duh) and which cellphone I own^^ I still think the wallpaper would go perfectly with my collection of fan postcards, so who knows – I might end up participating anyway ^^

Happy 화이트데이 to all of you! (Here’s some white eye candy in the shape of Won Bin~)

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