If you read my blog regularly, you know that I’m a big fan of Talk To Me In Korean. For more than ten years they have consistently delivered the best and most fun materials for Korean learners worldwide and they’ve just taken it to the next level.

Previously a great deal of their materials were free and then through their webshop you could buy access to their paid courses.

Now they have made their entire site available through a subscription fee, where you pay either every month or once a year (with a great discount). As soon as the site was launched I signed up for a premium membership for an annual fee of $93.

Here’s an idea of what the site looks like. With My Learning Center, you can access the courses you have added and track your own learning progress. You even get a certificate when you finish a course.

I’ve signed up for a ton of courses to keep an overview of what I want to learn in the future. Some of the courses I have already taken before but having this overview in My Learning Center is a great reminder for me to review and keep improving my skills.

Here you can see the courses I have signed up for.

If you’re concerned that all of their content has been turned into paid content there’s no need to worry. There are still plenty of free courses and it says clearly on their website which one is which.

The premium courses are top-quality courses that teach just what you need to learn. There are countless courses and a great filter to help you identify which courses you should take based on your needs and level.

If you’re interested in learning more about this site, visit www.talktomeinkorean.com and watch this video, where teacher Hyunwoo introduces the new and improved TTMIK.

And the teachers still go out of their way to make awesome and free YouTube videos. I really like the one they uploaded this week about the Korean word 굳이.

Wondering how to use the adverb 굳이 correctly? Then watch here.

Are you studying with Talk To Me In Korean? If not, hurry over there and start improving your Korean right away!

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  1. I really like their redesign and I recently discovered all their YT resources (that are still free) and it’s really amazing to learn from. They’re also doing live classes that stay uploaded on their channel afterwards, and they’re super helpful 🙂

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