To hope. To have hope. To not lose hope. Hope seems such a fleeing concept of thinking positively about something you wish will happen in the future. As in “I hope I do well on my test”, “Let’s hope it won’t rain on Sunday”, or “I hope he’ll recover”. Though it may seem that hope is a loosely defined concept which may convey more or less power depending on what one hopes for, it’s the one thing we cannot bear to lose.

Hope gives us something to fight for, something to strive toward. Hope that our efforts will bear fruit, hope that we will succeed, hope that everything will be okay.

We cling to hope in the darkest hours and by having hope we will pull through.

In Korean, hope is 희망 (heemang), and despair is 절망 (jeolmang), the latter directly translated means that hope has seized or ended. Let’s not despair and all join together in hoping for the best.

I’m not giving up hope!


I’m leaving Seoul tomorrow and will not be back for several weeks. I’m hoping my world looks a lot better when I once more touch ground in Incheon. This trip was filled with a mix of work and play, love and sorrow, laughter and tears, and while the past week and a half have been painful as f… I will still love Seoul – forever.



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