I once had a brilliant lecturer who told us that “you don’t get smart from just leaving the books on your shelf – you have to actually read them”. Wise words indeed. Way too often I find myself buying books with the intention to read them, and then just letting them collect dust in my bookshelf before rediscovering them later on.

Often life can be just the same. There are so many things that we plan on doing and then put off thinking that there’s always time for that.

I’ve always enjoyed reading anything from novels to nonfiction. After a period of not reading anything but Korean textbooks, I recently started reading a lot more and I enjoy it so much. I usually read in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep. I find that it calms my mind and broadens my horizon at the same time. No matter which language you read in, reading will enhance your vocabulary as well as stimulate your brain. It’s also a way of practicing mindfulness since you have to be present in the moment when you read. Finally, I find that when I read, I am able to give my thoughts some rest.

Since you may argue that your body is what you eat, I would like to promote the idea that your mind is what you read. By reading things that inspire you, educate you or just entertain you, you are doing something soothing for yourself. And to all fellow bloggers and writers out there, remember that to be a better writer you first need to become a better reader. Happy reading and happy weekend!


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