This week, Korean boy band Big Bang released their new album, and two singles have already reached several million views on youtube. I’m a big fan of learning Korean through songs since there are often so many cool expressions to learn from pop songs. I love learning slang (신조어) and cool expressions, although I’m under strict orders from my “Korean slang pusher” / Korean best friend to only use them under his personal supervision. We can’t have me getting into trouble by accidently using such words in a wrong context. On a similar note, my writing teacher at the Sogang Korean school also pointed out that, aside from making sure not to leave out the 이/가 suffixes (oops), I had to be careful not to use too much casually spoken Korean in my writing. Definitely plenty of room for improvement.

Wow, ask me something about Korean and see me get off topic. I wanted to introduce the two new songs with Big Bang. The first one is a cool upbeat song with the slightly suggestive English title “Fxxk it” (in Korean it’s called 에라 모르겠다). The second is called “Last dance” and is a more quiet ballad type song. At first I preferred “Last dance”, but countless times of listening to both songs puts “Fxxk it” on the top of my list.

I’ve included versions with Korean, romanized, and English lyrics for both songs. Have fun and enjoy!

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