Not that I advocate broadcasting your knowledge of inappropriate, suggestive, or lewd Korean to everyone, but sometimes it’s useful to be able to decode what Koreans say, even when they say something that may sound seemingly innocent.

A few decades ago, a guy might have had other motives than exclusively philatelic interests if he asked a girl to come up and check out his stamp collection. These days, an invitation to watch Netflix may convey the same obscure intentions, and the term “Netflix and chill” is a commonly used slang expression for a casual hook-up.

Even though Korea is still a very conservative country, the younger generation is quite open-minded (the countless number of so-called “love hotels” surrounding my Catholic dorm building is a testament to this fact), so of course they need their own slang to express such intentions.

A common phrase is: “Would you like som instant noodles before you go?” 라면 먹고 갈래? (Note that this is said in intimate speech, since you probably wouldn’t say this to anyone you’re on more formal terms with.) So seemingly innocent, and yet sooo flirting! Apparently an equivalent would be 아이폰을 충전할래? – “Do you want to come up and charge your iPhone?”.

Watch teacher Kyeong-eun from Talk to me in Korean break the phrase down for you in the video below.

On a related note, I also dare you all to find out on your own what it really means, when a Korean guy takes his girl to Hong Kong!

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