Well, I usually start my  day in Korean one way or another by either reading or watching TV, but today I started my day with my first italki lesson in over six months. Thanks to my awesome langugage partner I haven’t really had the need for italki lessons lately, and frankly I still don’t, but I figured that I should eventually use my italki credits now that I had them. Also, it can never hurt to practice.

I had scheduled a lesson with my favorite tutor at 7 in the morning because of the time difference to Seoul. There was one catch, though. When I scheduled the lesson I had completely forgotten that today was a public holiday here. Apparently we are one of the few countries on this planet who needs an extra day to celebrate Pentecost/Whitsun. I could have slept in today!  Well, luckily this session was audio only without any cameras, so I could just roll out of bed and have the lesson comfortably in my PJs with my witch-like morning hair. Awesome!

To me there was nothing special in speaking Korean, since I do so several times per week, but this was by far the earliest in a day that I had ever spoken Korean – not counting talking/singing to myself in the shower. (This is also not counting speaking Korean at 3:30 am because I still haven’t gone to bed.) The best part of today’s lesson was that my tutor, who knew my level from the summer/fall, could notice a remarkable difference in my conversation skills. This time it actually felt much more like a catching-up session than a lesson. I really enjoyed starting my day in this way, and I definitely plan on scheduling a new session for next week too.

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