Whenever I tell Korean people that my name is Sohee (소희), most of them tell me that they find my name pretty or cute, and in any case very suitable. I’m happy that this is the case but I must be completely honest and say that I didn’t choose it myself. My former language parter suggested last year that I use this name instead of the Korean way of pronouncing Sofie as Sopi (소피). Since this is neither a Korean name, nor even a pretty sounding word, (it means cow’s blood) I was happy to learn that there is in fact a Korean name, which sounds similar to my name. I’ve been using the name Sohee for about a year now, and I even find that I react when people call me out by that name.

I once told an elderly Korean lady my name, and she immediately clasped her hands together and told me about my namesake Song Sohee, a young Korean singer who’s become famous for her modern interpretations of classic Korean folk songs.

You can watch the charming Song Sohee give a breathtaking performance in this video. I certainly don’t mind sharing my name with her!


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