…Well actually there’s a brief layover in Frankfurt first, but that’s a technicality. Anyway, I’m going back to Seoul tomorrow for two full weeks. I’m so excited and cannot wait to once more eat a piping hot bowl of bibimbap with a cold Cass beer and a shot of soju.

I’ve compiled a comprehensive shopping list and stores like Etude House, Nature Republic, Innisfree, Eight Seconds, Mixxo, Uniqlo, and coffee shops like A Twosome Place, Caffe Bene, and Paris Baguette just to name a few will most definitely be paid a visit.

To make sure I won’t be bored during my flight I’ve filled up my iPad with TTMIK goodies such as their e-books about Korean folktales and the one on Gyeongsang dialect. I’ll be making a brief trip to Busan, so I hope to be able to impress the Busan people with a cheerful “만나서 반갑심다” when I greet them. If not, I should at least be able to understand what they mean when I hear phrases like “식사는 하셨능교?”

My phone is full of podcasts from TTMIK and 책 읽는 시간, and I checked the inflight entertainment program, and there should be a few Korean movies for me to watch as well. I’ll also bring my notebook and my TOPIK preparation book in my carry-on bag.

I’ll be sure to write a few blog updates while I’m in Korea, and I promise to be very active posting pictures and comments to Twitter.

Please enjoy this wonderful video while I pack the rest of my bags!


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