Yesterday I went out to dinner with some colleagues. The purpose of the dinner was to entertain a Japanese professor who is briefly visiting our department. This is common practice at my uni whenever we have a professor visiting from abroad. Since the professor was from Japan, the talk of the evening naturally centered around cultural difference between Japan and the west. It also appeared that the professor knew quite a bit about Korea and to my big surprise, so did a couple of my colleagues. Two of them admitted to watching Korean dramas, and it even turned out that we had a shared love for the drama 별에서 온 그대, which I’m currently watching for the second time.

The high point of the evening was one of my colleagues asking me if I could teach her basic Korean, as she and her husband spend 6 weeks in Seoul every summer teaching summer school. I promptly volunteered and just after an admittedly slightly more boozefilled dinner than originally planned she had her “오빠~~ 소주 주세요!!” down to perfection. We ended the night at a pub listening to Psy’s “Hangover”. Surprisingly Luckily there is no relation between the song title and my current state!

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