Here’s a quick post about a super efficient way to improve your Korean pronunciation. When I first started speaking Korean sentences I felt as if my tongue was going to break or at least get permanently twisted. A great (and fun) way to overcome this initial tongue paralysis is singing along to your favorite Korean songs. The more upbeat and fast-paced the better as this will make speaking at a normal rate seem like a piece of cake in comparison.

If you’re a K-drama fan, how about singing along to your favorite OST?

Here’s a link to a pretty upbeat tune called 잘못된 만남 from the new TvN drama 두번째 스무살. Let’s just say that if you can sing along to this one without problems you have a fairly good grasp of Korean.

And of course the lyrics (from Naver music):

난 너를 믿었던 만큼 난 내 친구도 믿었기에
난 아무런 부담없이 널 내 친구에게 소개 시켜줬고
그런 만남이 있은후로부터 우리는 자주 함께 만나며
즐거운 시간을 보내며 함께 어울렸던 것뿐인데
그런 만남이 어디부터 잘못됐는지
난 알 수 없는 예감에 조금씩 빠져들고 있을때쯤
넌 나보다 내 친구에게 관심을 더 보이며
날 조금씩 멀리하던

* 그 어느날 너와 내가 심하게 다툰 그날 이후로
너와 내 친구는 연락도 없고 날 피하는 것같아
그제서야 난 느낀거야 모든것이 잘못돼 있는걸
너와 내 친구는 어느새 다정한 연인이 돼있었지
있을 수 없는 일이라며 난 울었어
내 사랑과 우정을 모두 버려야 했기에
또다른 내 친구는 내 어깰 두드리며
잊어버리라 했지만 잊지 못할것 같아

너를 사랑했던 것만큼 난 내 친구도 믿었기에
난 자연스럽게 너와 함께 어울렸던 것뿐인데
어디서부터 우리의 믿음이 깨지기 시작했는지
난 알지도 못한채 어색함을 느끼면서
그렇게 함께 만나온 시간이 길어지면 질수록
넌 내게서 더 조금씩 멀어지는 것을 느끼며
난 예감을 했었지
넌 나보다 내 친구에게 관심이 더 있었다는 걸


  1. Learning to sing the lyrics of my favorite K-drama soundtracks is something I recently started. It’s a real challenge – sometimes a hilarious one. I work as a speech-language pathologist, and this adventure in learning to blend Korean sounds has helped me to experience a little of what it is like for my students.


  2. Hi there Sofie! I’m a new follower of your blog(which I love so much >.<) and a newbie in the wordpress blog community.
    Talking about pronunciation,what did you use to study the Korean pronunciation?
    I started using "The Sounds of Korean" which is a helpful book;but it's getting really annoying that by now I still can't hear the difference between vowels like 에 and 애 no matter how much I try.
    I feel like by being able to hear the difference I won't make that many mistakes in spelling and won't need to actually study how each word is written to be able to spell it correctly.


  3. Well the rap part is quite difficult ahah ! I can sing along at a normal pace but when it comes to rap in Korean it seems like I have a long way to go ! Buuut challenge accepted, I’m going to try and sing along this rap again one month from now ;). I really need to improve my reading pace anyway so it’s perfect ! Thank you =)


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