It’s been an entire week since my previous post about the new hot couple on the Hallyu scene, the Korean-Chinese cross-border love match between Song Seung Heon and Liu Yifei. Since my Naver news feed, my Twitter feed, and any other Hallyu source I follow closely have all been flooded with pictures and news pieces about this sparkling love story, I believe a blog update is in order is well.

To promote their upcoming movie “The third way of love” in which Song Seung Heon plays a chaebol who falls madly in love with a succesful young lawyer portrayed by Liu Yifei, the international couple appeared in a Chinese talkshow on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I don’t understand Chinese, so what I got out of it was only the things said in Korean, but that was enough to keep me entertained. The handsome couple looked very charming together, and at the start of the show Song Seung Heon even presented his girlfriend with a long-stemmed red rose before they walked onto the stage hand in hand.

Then followed a lot of Chinese dialogue which definitely caused the audience to be cheering. I’ve long had an inkling that Song Seung Heon did not speak Mandarin, and this really does appear to be the case. Apart from basic greetings in Chinese he spoke in Korean during the show, requiring his communication with his girlfriend on stage to go via an interpreter as well.

At some point during the show he took the microphone, looked Liu Yifei into the eyes and said:

“제가 그럼 당신을 돈으로 살 수 있나요?” – Can I buy you with money? – (Yes, I also had to rewind and listen one more time to make sure I had heard that correctly.)

To which she looked slightly confused at him and said: “Huh?”, causing everybody to laugh out loud. Song Seung Heon then progressed to publicly declaring his love for her by saying:

“나는 사실 그렇게 욕심이 많은 사람이 아닌데 너를 보니까 욕심이 난다…” – I’m not a greedy person but when I look at you, I become greedy.

Even though Liu Yifei needed his words translated there was no doubt that she was deeply touched by such an overwhelming declation of affection. It is said that love knows no boundaries and this happy couple certainly seems to be proving that right.

The couple laughing
Happy together: Song Seung Heon and Liu Yifei were clearly having a good time despite the significant language barrier

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