I’m really big on cryptic titles, but I know this one probably takes the prize, so here’s an explanation. Before going all in on anything and everything Korean, I used to like the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother. (This statement is NOT based on the past three seasons of the show.) I particularly liked Barney Stinson, and his awesome solutions to everything. In this hilarious clip he explains how he has a “guy” for anything he wants to have, “a shoe guy”, “a ticket guy”, “a suit guy” and so on:

I must say, I was left with the same feeling earlier this week, where someone I know sent me the following text message: “Hey Sofie, I’ll be giving a talk at our Uni’s international office about exchange programs in Korea, so how about I get the contact info for the Korean students coming in the fall semester so you can continue your language exchange?” Me: “Awesome, thank you!” And that’s how I suddenly got a “Korean-language-partner guy”.


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