So far, I haven’t been too keen on watching Korean variety shows (I’m more of a melodrama enthusiast).  It’s not that I haven’t tried, but frankly the pace, sound effects, and cartoon like appearance of some of them have made me give up after a few minutes of frustrated watching. However, I’m sure there is some great entertainment value there, and I probably just need a bit more time and Korean learning to really appreciate it.

Last week my langugage partner brought up the topic of variety shows while we were reading an Iyagi with the theme “Girls’ talk”. She told me that there was a Korean talkshow called “미녀들의 수다” (Chatting with beauties) which is a panel of foreign women living in Korea discussing cultural differences between their home countries and Korea. The women (who really are pretty) are either working in Korea and/or married to Korean men, and they all speak fluent Korean (yay, if they can learn it, so can we!).

I’ve just watched one episode, and while I certainly have to concentrate on the dialogue, I definitely understand the gist of it. The nice part of this show is that you don’t necessarily have to watch it. Today I listened to it while preparing the lecture I have to give tomorrow morning. For Korean learners this show is really useful and in my opinion better suited for my current level than the male equivalent “비정상회담” which I still find too fast-paced.

Here’s a youtube clip of the girls doing a 끝말잇기 (a word game where the next word must begin with the last syllable of the previous word):

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