I’ve been waiting for this day for… well, ever since I started studying Korean – so that’s 8 months! I am finally able to press a nice little button on my iPad that turns off the subtitles on my Korean dramas. Well, technically I’ve been able to do this all along, but at least now I can do it and STILL be able to understand what is going on ^^

I’m currently watching the super old but oh-so-tragically romantic drama 가을동화 with very young versions of 송승헌 and 원빈. I’m loving it even though I am fairly certain that it will end up breaking my heart. Oh, what I won’t do in the name of studying Korean!

Anyway, back to the main point. I’m currently in the middle of episode 13 out of 16. All along I thought I understood a lot, so from episode 9 I challenged myself to turn off the subtitles, and wow! I understood! Of course I’d like to stress that I don’t necessarily understand every single word, but I can easily infer the general meaning by understanding roughly 80%. I’m especially happy that I can now understand 송승헌. He has an extremely pleasant voice, but I’ve always thought that he speaks a bit fast and when you combine that with a deeper voice I sometimes find it hard to understand all he says. But now…

이제 승헌오빠 말을 이해할 수가 있어요 ^^

Even though I’m in no way able to speak like that, being able to understand so much is a huge leap forward, and I feel confident that in time, with continued studies, I’ll successfully crack the Korean code and improve both my listening and speaking skills 🙂

This week’s first edition of TTMIK news just landed in my inbox, so tonight’s dedicated to vocab cramming and audio-file shadowing – and of course episode 14 of 가을동화.

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