Do you remember the episode of Sex and the City where the girls talk about their secret single behaviors (a behavioral pattern, which only emerges when they are completely and utterly alone)?

This evening, my husband had to meet a friend for dinner and I had a little alone time, which happens almost never, as my husband works from home several days a week. What to do? Usually, I would order a pizza and watch a chick flick and then continue my secret single night by singing show tunes at the top of my lungs during my evening shower  just because I can(!) But tonight I opted for a dish of homemade Korean 볶음밥 with kimchi, watched an episode of a Korean drama, and traded in the showtunes for my own (never to be played in public) rendition of Taeyang’s “눈, 코, 입”.

Without realizing it until afterwards, my secret single behavior had turned Korean(!). Well, how about that?


  1. Sounds like my single behavior (btw didn’t know there was a term for that. I have never seen the show you mentioned. I think I was too young when it played, during the original run haha) !!! Its cool though. You’ve been converted ^_^


    • Haha ^^ I have definitely been converted! I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show but if you don’t mind wallowing in sad stories portrayed by wonderful Korean actors and actresses I strongly recommend it ^^ Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I enjoy visiting yours ^^


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