Ever had the experience of feeling homesick for something that is not your home? Then you know exactly how I’m feeling at the moment. Lately I find myself longing for everything Korean, the food, the people, the streets and alleys, the atmosphere the Korean 정 (a special kind of Korean love – see video at the end of this post) and just the generally awesome feeling you get when being in Korea.

So how does one create a mini Korea in Denmark while waiting for the next Korean adventure (hopefully sometime in December)?

First of all I make a habit of immersing myself into the language for at least 2 hours every day. Not all that time is spent on hardcore vocab cramming, it can be anything from listening to Korean radio, reading a few pages in a Korean book, watching a Korean drama episode (tip: at viki.com they sometimes have episodes with subtitles in 한글), reading Korean news, or writing a few Korean sentences using a newly acquired grammar pattern. By exposing myself to Korean every day, I find that I make tremendous progress, effectively killing the common perception that you cannot acquire a language outside of the area where it’s spoken.

I also frequently visit my local Asian market which has several shelves with Korean food items such as delicious kimchi, soy sauce, tofu, ramyun, soju, and makgeolli.

Finally I start and end each day by pampering myself with Korean skincare^^

Ahh, it’s almost like being back!

Video from Seolistic and Talk To Me In Korean on the Korean 정:

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