I recently stumbled across a super cute song by Korean singer IU (아이유) called 금요일에 만나요  (let’s meet Friday). The tune is really catchy and I currently find myself humming along to it all day long ^^ Anyway, if you’re a beginner learner of Korean the song is an excellent chance to review the weekdays as the beginning of the song goes like this:

월요일엔 아마 바쁘지 않을까
화요일도 성급해 보이지 안 그래
수요일은 뭔가 어정쩡한 느낌
목요일은 그냥 내가 왠지 싫어

우~ 이번 주 금요일
우~ 금요일에 시간 어때요

I also found this super cute clip of one of my favorite K-stars Song Seung Heon (송승헌) saying that the more he listened to this song while working out, eventually he found himself replying to the questions in the song. 오빤 너무 귀엽다! ^^

For those of you interested in the origin of the names of the Korean weekdays they all derive from Chinese characters:

Sunday: 일요일 Hanja 日 sound 일 meaning 날/해/sun (ever thought of why we call it Sunday in English?^^)

Monday: 월요일 Hanja 月 sound 월 meaning 달/moon (fun fact Monday is derived from ancient Nordic meaning Moon day, which is the exact same meaning^^)

Tuesday: 화요일 Hanja 火 sound 화 meaning 불/fire

Wednesday: 수요일 Hanja 水 sound 수 meaning 물/water

Thursday: 목요일 Hanja 木 sound 목 meaning 나무/tree

Friday: 금요일 Hanja 金 sound 금 meaning 쇠/metal

Saturday: 토요일 Hanja 土 sound 토 meaning 흙/soil

Since today’s a Monday, there’s not much left for me to say other than to quote the chorus from IU’s song:

주말까지 기다리긴 힘들어!

Happy listening and practising, 여러분!

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