Another busy work week has almost come to an end. Next week is mid-term week, so no teaching for me for the next ten days. I’m still terribly busy though. Today was my deadline for submitting a report I had been working on for a Korean research institute, and I have been writing like crazy all week. On top of that I had to finalize the questions for next week’s exam, and then I also had a few other engagements outside work.

This Wednesday, my husband and I attended the official dinner of the 17th World Knowledge Forum conference held at the Shilla hotel here in Seoul. (Yes, the place where so many of the rich and famous get married.) I have definitely been to many fancy hotels as part of my job, but this one takes the prize. Seriously, wow! So how did I get there? While it’s usually me dragging my husband along to boring conference dinners, this time he was the VIP, and I was the “plus one” – and the dinner was anything but boring. Being an experienced podcast host, he had been invited to act as a moderator of a panel discussion at the conference, and as part of this we were also invited to attend the dinner.

The dinner was held in a huge arena outside the area of the Shilla hotel, which is beautifully surrounded by a building in the style of an old Korean palace. Inside the arena hundreds of people (including a few current and former prime ministers) had gathered around the beautifully set tables and awaited the onset of the dinner. Then a lady in a bright red ball gown appeard on the stage to bid all the guests welcome and to introduce the speakers for the dinner session. Then an award ceremony followed, where Asia’s most prominent entrepreneurs were recognized for their efforts.

For dinner we had a starter of scallops with balsamic dressing, an entree of beef tenderloin and for dessert, green tea tiramisu. All accompanied by a great selection of wines. But the best part was when the Korean illusionist Lee Eun Gyeol appeared on stage and began a mindblowing performance of impossible tricks. The whole audience was in awe at what happened before our eyes.

We’re so happy to live in a city, where we are given such great opportunities to meet interesting people and go interesting places.

Now the weekend is almost here, and that means that in just three short days I’ll head to Incheon to pick up my friend from Denmark who’s flying all the way out here to spend a full week of quality time with me in Seoul. I can’t wait to show her around all my favorite places and introduce her to all my favorite foods here in Korea.

Happy weekend everyone!


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