Earlier this week, Jeremy from MotivateKorean kindly sent me a link to a youtube video where a Korean professor of philosophy gives a talk about how we currently live in a polarized society and how we may achieve the right balance. It is about 20 minutes long and quite challenging but I’m sure you’ll find it worth listening to. Here’s some vocabulary to get you started:

명제 Proposition; 극단 An extreme; 추구 Pursuit; 자본주의 Capitalism; 자본 Capital;
균형 (평형) Equilibrium; 파괴 Destruction; 수반하다 Entail; 청량음료 Soft drink;
청량감 Feeling refreshed; 초과 (과잉) Excess; 양산 Mass-; 유연성 Flexibility;
통제 (규제) Regulation; 비연속적 Discontinuous; 절체 Moderation, self-control;
상실 Loss; 상실한 Deprived; 무모함 Recklessness; 향락 Pleasure; 과녁 Target;
지혜Wisdom; 산수 Arithmetics; 역설 Paradox; 고양하다 Enhance, boost;
독재 Dictatorship; 위대하다 To be great;


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